Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Win or Lose

Why do we organize our lives around the sports calendar? Why do we spend so much money on gear and fees? Why do we freeze in the rink and sweat at the ballpark? Why do we drive them to and from practices and games, help out with their teams, plan meals around practice times? Because win or lose, they love to play. And we love watching them do what they love.

My son's hockey team has had a tough season if you look at their win-loss record. But he doesn't play for the win. He plays for the game - the shift to shift battles on the ice, the feeling he gets when he skates, the camaraderie with his teammates. He plays because he enjoys the actual playing of the game.

This weekend he had two hard fought games that both ended in losses for his team but he was not discouraged. He was happy that he had played two good games, that he had worked hard and won some of the battles on the ice. He was satisfied with his effort and his performance.

Would he have preferred to win? Sure. But knowing he had worked hard and played well were enough for him to be happy with the games.

I need to remember this for myself.

I get so disappointed when my efforts don't equal results, when things don't go my way. I get frustrated and I want to give up.

My son just wants to go back out there and play some more because for him the hard work is the fun part. It is what makes him happy.