First and foremost I am a child of God, loved and redeemed, living in grace. I am a West Coast girl now living in Wisconsin, home of the Packers, cheese curds, and real seasons. I am a member of the mom of three boys club, a coffee drinker, a book reader, and a hockey gear washer. I am also muddling my way to being a novelist. 

You can find me on Facebook/FindingFruit and on Twitter @FindingFruit.

A few blog posts that will help you get to know me better:

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The first time I admitted I wanted to be a writer - Secret Desire

What I am doing with that college degree - Letter to my Alumni Magazine

What I believe - Depravity to Grace

How I live out what I believe - Falling on Grace's Side and Turning 40

Give me a second chance, I don't make good first impressions - To Know Me is to Love Me

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