Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cooking with Hockey Boy

So I just had one of those moments that reminded me why I love being a mom.  It was the end of the day and I have all three boys fed, bathed and in their pjs.  I had turned on a video for them which the younger two immediately became glued to.  But not my oldest, who I will call Hockey Boy. He came over to me as I was cleaning the kitchen and asked if we could make something from the cookbook we got from the library.  He looked through the book and found a recipe for S'more Nachos.  Now you need to know that Hockey Boy is a very picky eater.  But today, he not only tried 5 whole bites of plain pasta but he wanted to try a new recipe.  So of course I said yes.  So I then got to spend about 10 minutes with just Hockey Boy.  We got our ingredients.  He read the recipe to me.  I love hearing him read!  We put the treat together.  And then we got two of the small chairs and sat in front of the oven watching them cook.  I just looked over at his precious face and was filled with love and joy.  I am so glad he still lets me give him kisses (even in public) but know that will end soon.  So I am going to try to enjoy these sweet moments before he realizes he is really a big boy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out of Control

So yesterday as I was sitting in my minivan listening to my three boys fighting and shouting I suddenly knew clearly why God had given me three children.  With three small kids (ages almost 2, 4, and 5) you cannot even pretend that you are in control.  I like to think that I am on top of things and in control of my life, my kids, my surroundings.  But let's be honest.  The minivan is full of crumbs from snacks that the baby had to eat while being dragged to preschool pick up.  There are school papers and crafts strewn about and at least one book floating between the back car seats.  It is a mess.  When I take the van to the wonderful car wash that vacuums and cleans inside and out and not an hour later there are finger prints on windows and water bottles rolling around the back.  I turn on the radio and Laurie Berkner's singing about a rocketship blasting off.  We are late for the mom's group at church because shoes were missing and my middle son decided to have a meltdown in the Starbucks doorway because his little brother touched him.   So as I sit in my van waiting for the light in front of me to turn green so I can get to church before my youngest son's childcare room is full, I am reminded that I am not in control.  But amazingly, I have a God who is in control.  He gave me the three most wonderful, challenging, delightful boys in the whole world (yes, I know I am very biased).  And I like to think that He did give me a parking space right in front so I could get my coffee.  And when I got to church late and the class was full, He gave me a wonderful teacher who said, "don't worry honey, we'll find room for him" because she knew I needed a moment to sit down and hear God's words.  He is in control of the big.  He is in control of the small.