Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Can Go Home Again

They say you can't go home again, but we did. We made the big move. We left sunny California for the beautiful rainy Pacific Northwest. We had kept our house here in our little suburb and rented it out when we moved to the Silicon Valley so my husband could join a start up. When things got really rocky and he started looking for back up plans, his old company asked him to come back. So here we are back in our old house with him working at his old job. My middle son is in preschool where Hockey Boy first went to preschool. We are back at our old church which we love. I even went back to the church's women's Bible study this week and am already plugged in to help lead a small group. The same women are there and the childcare workers remembered the boys, though the boys do not remember them. The music teacher at our local toy store remembered the boys and amazingly they remembered the toy store. Priorities...

The weird thing though is that while we are right back in our old lives and some things have not changed, I know that I missed some important things in the lives of the people around me. Babies were born. Parents died. Children grew and some even went off to college. Jobs were lost. Employers changed. Remodeling was done. I feel like I need to take a few minutes with everyone I know and ask them the highlight and low point of the last two years. 

And I have changed as well in the last two years. Things have happened in my life that people here do not know. My relationship with my parents has changed drastically. And that is really awkward because my parents were so involved in the kids lives when we lived here before. They watched the kids a lot and they even kept them overnight at their house. That won't be happening now because of what has happened over the last two years but only those people that I kept really in touch with know. So now I get lots of comments about the grandparents being so happy we are back or you must like having the grandparents around to help again and I don't know what to say.  

So you can go home again. But things will have changed. 

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  1. Hey * -You never use your names so you will be * :). I just wanted to say Welcome Home and I'm sorry for the difficulties with your parents. As someone who remembers some wonderful moments at your dinner table in middle school, and your parents' willingness to have great gangs of children all over the place...well, I'm sorry that relationship has changed. Take care of yourself and your boys.