Friday, May 8, 2009

Open Doors

My kids love to see if the local fire trucks are home when we drive by the fire station. We live in a suburb without a lot of action so the fire trucks are usually home. Recently I noticed that the doors of the fire trucks are open when they are home and tucked behind the garage door. The first time I saw it I wondered who left the door open. The next time I realized it was probably done on purpose. Then the other day when I saw the door open it made me think. 

What would it look like if I left my doors open. Obviously not my van doors, which I have done repeatedly in different parking lots. (Thanks to all the strangers who have kindly reminded me to close my doors.) But what would my life be like if I left the doors open. If I did not close my life off to the unknown. If I opened myself up more to the new people around me and more importantly if I opened myself up to God's whispers in my life. 

Just a thought I have been mulling.  

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