Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Vacation

It appears that I am on vacation. Seems weird to post this after I have gone so long without writing. It was probably apparent that I was on vacation but it took me a week to figure it out. My last few posts were a little deep, even for me. My life was feeling a little deep at the time. And then suddenly we had a week with nothing on the calendar. No early morning camps. No trips to see the family. Nothing. Just the boys and I hanging out in our pajamas. Waking up at 6:30 when they started stirring but then falling back to sleep while they watched way too much tv. Reading books for fun. Being really, really hot, too hot to think and then coming into the air conditioned house tired out by the heat and lazying about some more.

We actually have two more weeks without any major commitments. School does not start until after Labor Day here so I anticipate some more lazy mornings in our pajamas with a few fun adventures thrown it to keep us from totally becoming sloths. I am hoping that this vacation allows my body to rest a bit and my mind to wander without purpose a bit. So far it has not wandered anywhere too productive, or when it has I have not really had the motivation or discipline to pick up my computer and write. There are a few things I have read or seen that have got me thinking of a blog post, but then I think about actually grabbing my computer and typing and I lose my energy. Which I think is okay in the summer. Come September 8th I may need a kick in the pants to get moving again.

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  1. your blog post reminded me/encouraged me to stay in my pjs longer tomorrow... I think I will.