Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Collection

(This list is a compilation of the things I posted on Facebook and Twitter during the month of November.)

I am thankful for...

Starbucks baristas who greet me by name and make my drink just the way I like it.

Facebook. I love staying virtually connected when face to face is not an option.

Bright blue skies to start my day.

All the people that pour their hearts and lives into my boys. We are blessed by an amazing village.

College Gameday and Saturdays full of football games on tv.

Sprinkles Peanut Butter Chip cupcakes. Even better, we got them for free via Twitter - another thing I'm thankful for.

Favorite books that you can read over and over again. There is nothing more comforting when you are too tired or sick than wrapping yourself up in a beloved book's story.

The amazing worship team at our church. They create a space of worship for me each week.

Mornings with elementary kids. Nothing makes you feel more important than 24 sets of eyes taking in every word you say.

Play dates and sweet friends for my kids.

Fridays, so full of hope and expectation. And so consistent. We get one every week.

First goals of the season. So proud of all Hockey Boy's hard work.

Restful Sundays.

My quirky little boy, Middle Man. I love seeing his mind at work. I love his curiosity and the funny things he says. I love his strong will even when it drives me nuts. I love that he is happy as he is, not needing to follow the crowd. He has strong sense of self that I admire.

My baby who turns 5 today. He loves life and his laugh and enthusiasm are infectious. He is a determined little guy who goes after what he wants. He loves all things sports and he loves his momma. I am so thankful that God brought this little one into our family.

Hockey Boy - my first born. The one that taught me how to love in unexpected ways. I love his inquisitive mind, his tenacious spirit and his commitment to excellence.

Lunch dates with friends!

Air travel and sweet friends who made the trip to see me and my life in our new (old) town.

Glittery nail polish and sparkling vampires. (My girlfriends flew down for the weekend to see the new Twilight movie with me and to shop, eat and be together. So much love.)

My husband who works hard every single day so we can pursue our passions.

The swimming pool being open again and how much my boys love being in the water.

Cozy flannels, a warm house, coffee in bed and a lazy morning with the boy.

Today, and every day, I am thankful for grace, amazing grace.

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