Friday, February 6, 2009


So this week has been a week of extreme lows and extreme highs. Actually as I write that I realize that to me they seemed extreme but in the grand scheme of things not really but it has been a stressful week at our house.

We are currently facing the situation of job instability at my husband's work. Thankfully for us he is the one that puts together the numbers so we always have a pretty good idea of how safe his job is at any given time. This week the bottom started to fall out and his job has become very unstable though he is going to survive the upcoming round of layoffs. It was incredibly hard news in light of these really tough economic times. Thankfully the next day he had some great leads of other jobs with his former companies. One takes us home. One takes us to another new life in another part of the country. One is secure, a hard offer with a very stable company. One is just a possibility. Okay so too many details.

Let's just say that there are choices to be made and now I am wondering how do we make those choices. We seek God's guidance at all times, but how do we really know what is the right choice. And is there a "right" choice? Do we look for opportunities that best utilize my husband's gifts, talents, education and experience even if those require yet another new school for our son and another new life for me? Do we go with a job that is less challenging but pays the bills and allows us to go home? Do we stay the course here and give the company a chance to make it allowing our kids to stay here?

It would be so nice if we had time to figure all this out. Unfortunately it seems that answers are required sooner than we want to give them. It feels so overwhelming to make such huge decisions. But I have been through this before, many times, and the one thing I do know is that I really am flexible and can make anything work which I guess is a good thing.

So these are my thoughts this week. It has been a while since i have blogged but I have been spending all my time extensively researching all our options as they have presented themselves this week.

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  1. Hang tight girlfriend. Those are tough choices and you guys will do what is right for you at this moment! I will cross my fingers for a Portland move...:)