Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mario Brothers and Me

My oldest son, Hockey Boy, loves Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and all the characters in his Wii Mario games. He loves to tell me all about each of them. He likes to give me a play by play of each Mario Kart race he had that day and explain exactly how to make Mario do a spin jump in Super Mario Galaxy. He can talk about other subjects, but this is his favorite. At one point I got really tired of hearing all about Mario every time we got in the car or sat down to dinner. I wanted to tell him to stop talking about Mario. I was about to but I suddenly stopped.

Mario is for some reason important to my son right now. While I may not care if Yoshi is 10 or whether Luigi speaks Italian or Portuguese these details are incredibly important to him. And he is important to me and I want him to always feel he can share with me that he can talk to me and I will listen and take him seriously. I can't tell him to stop talking about Mario and then expect him to talk to me when he is a teenager about his struggles or his joys. He is important to me and what is important to him needs to be important to me.

And taking this a step further. If God is our Heavenly Father and he cares for us with a perfect love, He must want to hear what is important to me even if I don't think it would be interesting to God. The details that matter to me must matter to God because He loves us so much more than we are even capable of understanding.

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