Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have spent the morning blog browsing. This was my reward for actually being productive this morning and making two important phone calls. Maybe not really my reward so much as I was tired after the calls and seem to be fighting the summer cold that had Middle Man waking me up with his coughing last night. So I turned on a video for the boys and climbed into bed with my laptop. I promise I will take them out into the sunshine as soon as the movie is over.

So blog browsing... I started with my friends' blogs. Loved seeing the pictures of kids starting school, families at the beach and dear friends saying goodbye. Turned to dooce and then my newest favorite Jennsylvania. Jen Lancaster is my new favorite read when working out at the Y. I noticed on Jen's site that she had a list of links to other blogs she reads. So I started clicking. I enjoyed both of Amalah's sites but was really intrigued by Cheeky Lotus and her post "And That is All I Have to Say About That." So I started clicking through her "Rock the Sidebars" (a name that truly does rock the normal list of blogs I follow). I can't remember where I went next but eventually I found myself at The McMommy Chronicles. There I found the funniest post I have ever seen. She did not write it but posted one of those forwarded emails you find filling up your inbox. You seriously have to read it. Probably not while sitting in a meeting at work pretending to read work email because you will laugh out loud. And if you don't I really don't know what to say about your sense of humor. Because IT IS FUNNY!

So as I am cruising the blog world, I started to feel bad. I know I have a few readers (you are good friends). I wish I could give you more laughter in your day. These posts cracked me up and lifted my mood. I want to give that to my readers. But since I can't, I will send you away to visit the blogs I have linked. They will make you laugh and hopefully lift your day.

And since the movie has ended (actually about 15 minutes ago) I guess it is time to head out into the sunshine.

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