Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But It's Quiet

So I am sitting here, having just finished up my Bible Study homework, and trying to decide if I should make the kids stop playing Wii. They had been waiting all afternoon to play but they had to eat dinner and get ready for bed before I would let them start. So finally they were all ready. I had told them only 15 minutes but they have been playing soooo nicely together that I have let them go long. This was a win-win since I got my homework done and they got extra Wii time. I love it when they play together without screaming or hitting, especially when it is all three boys. But it is really time to stop them. And I know that will not only break up the fun, the giggles, the cooperation, but will also end up with someone shouting at me. And I am tired of being the bad guy because I am setting limits. But since my oldest is not yet 7 and the youngest is only 2 we have years, and years, and years, and years of me being the bad guy. The good news is that since they are all ready for bed, those shouting or being mean are ready to go to bed. But I still don't like to be yelled at. Oh well. If I don't go now, the fun will end before I get there to break it up and that means someone will have done something to annoy or hurt or scare someone.

One minute too long. Little One is now screaming. I am off.

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