Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girls Weekend

I just got back from a weekend at the beach with 5 of my friends from church. These are the women who read the Bible together last year. The women who shared what we were learning from our readings, who held each other accountable and then when they heard someone was behind offered to watch kids so that person could catch up on their reading. These are the women who wanted to give up in October when they were two months behind but didn't because we were all in this together and no one wanted to miss out on a weekend away together, the prize for finishing the whole Bible in 2010. These are the women I read the Bible with in 2010, a most amazing group of women. I learned a lot this weekend and thought I would share a few of my favorite lessons.

- Tortilla chips crushed on top of eggs tastes way yummier than I ever would have expected.
- We are wired differently. Some of us are do-ers. Some of us are be-ers. The do-ers run on the beach. The be-ers stay in the house drinking coffee and reading. I am a be-er.
- How to do a tequila shot. I have always had a healthy respect for tequila because of a bad experience with a pitcher(s) of margaritas and friends who filled my glass without me knowing it. Tequila is not the problem. Too much tequila would be a problem. At 37, I know my limits and am able to have fun without getting sloppy. Something I am thinking the bachelorette party girls we ran into still need to learn.
- I am safe with these women. They will look out for me. They will give wise counsel. They will listen to me without judgment. I can be who I am, share where I am struggling, and know I am loved just as I am.
- Real housewives weekends do not end up in torrid, yelling matches with everyone taking sides and the weekend ruined by the drama. Our weekend was drama free and so much fun.
- I love how when I am with these women we can move between conversations about the Bible to Friends trivia, from praying together at dinner to dancing at Karaoke. We do not have to separate our spiritual selves from our fun selves. They can be one and the same.
- After a surprising smooth transition back to the real world, it turns out I was exhausted and overwhelmed because I needed a break not because my life is overwhelming. What a great piece of knowledge to have when I start to get exhausted or overwhelmed again. My life is amazing. I have a great husband and fabulous kids. We are all growing, struggling at times with one another and with the world, but at the end of the day I am truly blessed.

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