Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things I Learned When My Husband Broke His Toe

My husband broke his toe. So badly it required surgery. I know, I know. I keep talking about his broken toe.

It doesn't seem like a big deal. It's just a toe.

Except he cannot put any weight on that foot. Any weight.

I know it will heal. Though it is slower going than we thought. But it will heal. At least I pray it does... and soon because let me tell you, I am not doing well with it. And I am not even the one in pain.

I have learned a few things along this journey. A few good lessons to share.

1) My husband is a rock star partner. I did not realize how much he helps around the house until he couldn't do anything. He helps a lot. I feel a little guilty about how much he does. Except I don't because being a stay at home mom to three boys was exhausting until this year when they are finally all in school all day. I'm still recuperating from the first ten years of their lives.

2) Christmas trees are very light when they are all dried out. And Christmas lights can be charming still glowing on the patio into January.

3) I get really grumpy and tired when I have to do it all alone. I am not sure I would survive being a single mom, which is why I have him highly insured because I will need to hire a ton of help if I ever lose him. Huge kudos to all you parents who are doing it on your own. I am awed by your strength, patience and mad juggling skills.

4) We will definitely need to live in an assisted living facility when we are old. I am a horrible caretaker. And in case you think it is one sided, know that I often had to remind my husband to feed me when I was on bedrest with Middle Man.

5) With the assisted living facility in mind, we should probably start saving so we can stay in the nice place. I want the complex that is like going away to college but for old people. The one with a bowling league and trips abroad and a cafeteria and cleaning crew. Sorry kids, I will be spending any inheritance you were hoping for, though I cannot imagine you expect us to have any money, not after raising three boys.

6) Toes are important. Crutches are awkward.

7) It's only a toe. It's not cancer. It's not amputated. It's just a toe. Sometimes perspective helps. 

8) Sometimes a little pity party is okay. Downton Abbey or lunch with friends help.

Are you prepared for getting old? 


  1. Definitely start saving now for the assisted living facility… especially a posh one like that! Super expensive. Sorry his toe is not healing as fast. I think things like this give us perspective… as much of a pain as they are. Hang in!

  2. Dear Jen, Just catching up on your posts this morning. I am so sorry about what is going on, friend. (And read the post after this one.) Totally praying.