Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing Begets Writing?

So after posting on Wednesday, my mind started swirling with words. Not just ideas but actual words.

It reminded me of how when we have struggled financially it felt like there was no end in sight but then once we paid off our debts and got our footing again, random checks would start to show up. One year it was back pay from the school I had taught at the year before that had finally negotiated a new teacher contract. I hadn't known we had been working without a contract but I did enjoy the retroactive pay raise. Another year it was an unexpected bonus. This year, as we are settling into life in Wisconsin, my husband is actually getting some profits from his company in California. We always worry when things are tight and then are reminded once again of that old adage that money begets money. It doesn't seem fair but it is what it is.

Maybe like money, writing begets writing.

I wrote. I put my butt in the chair as Anne Lamott teaches and wrote words down. And then more words showed up.

Blog posts pile up in my mind. Though more ideas will be dumped because I don't really have the desire to be confrontational though I have so many thoughts on the current debates I see on Facebook and Twitter. I'll save those for face to face conversations. I do still have some stories to tell. And I found again that sitting down, opening the file, and typing often causes the words to show up.

Also, my characters started talking in my head again. Not in a weird, schizophrenic, I hear voices way but more in a I am creating, I am caring about them and their story again. Mind you this may not be good for my husband since the two are fighting right now. But at least they are talking. Also, when I really do get going, I lose track of all those things that need to happen, like milk buying and laundry and that pesky dinner thing that I hate so much.

I still have a lot of questions... fear... obstacles ahead of me.

But at least I am writing through them.

One blog post at a time.

One scene at a time.

What is keeping you from moving forward in your dream?


  1. Just clicked on your blog after a few months, and I am so happy to see you writing again! You voice so many thoughts and frustrations I have in a much more eloquent fashion (and without the swear words!)

    1. Oh there were swear words but I kept those in my head. :)