Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys

I get a lot of looks when I am out and about with my three boys. I sometimes get comments that go something like this:

Stranger - "Wow are all three of those your boys?" 
Me - "Yes. Aren't I a lucky Mommy."
Stranger - "Must keep you on your toes."
Me - "They are an active bunch but I always wanted three boys."

All of which is true, though I used to be sort of offended when people implied that three boys was harder than having a family with some girls in it. I obviously don't know any different but I really did want to be the mom from the tv show "Home Improvement" with three boys. 

This past week though I am starting to understand all the sympathetic looks and caring comments. As my baby is turning into a little boy and getting bigger and more physical and my oldest is starting that wonderful phase of being too cool for me (he actually wiped my kiss off his cheek at school drop off the other day), I am starting to realize I do live in a zoo. And the monkeys are trying to take over. 

I will do my best to raise respectful, caring, compassionate, hard working young men that will treat their wives well and be really good daddies. But there may be some nose picking, burping contests, noise, wrestling matches and more noise between now and then. 

1 comment:

  1. I always wanted 3 boys!!
    Then God gave me Claire and, weirdly, I now want 3 girls! ;) (Well, maybe 2.) Either way, ain't we lucky?