Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turning 5

I am not a big birthday person. I have had to learn to be because I am a Mommy and birthdays are a really big deal to kids. I have learned to wake the boys up with kisses and hugs and lots of enthusiasm. I have learned to plan parties for groups of kids or just our family. I have learned to bake cakes in the shape of a star. I have learned to wait to order your supplies until close to the birthday in case themes change. Five is a big birthday for me though. Five is big boy time for real. Not just what I say to get them to potty train and wear big boy underwear. Five is the birthday before they start kindergarten. Kindergarten is where they start to head off into the world. It all starts at five years old. 

Today, my middle son turned 5. One of the first things he wanted to do was to measure himself. He wanted to see how much bigger he is now that he is five. He tells me that he is "growing in wisdom".  I think he picked this up at preschool. He is right. He has grown in wisdom.  

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