Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking Hearts

So we did decide to move. My husband decided to take a new job with his old company that is very secure and very family friendly. Not the most exciting work but as I know from being a stay at home mom, it is not really about us right now. We can take care of ourselves and find ways to meet our needs, but our highest priority right now is our family and our kids. While I am thrilled with our decision to move back home, to the place where the boys were all born, there was one part of the process that I knew would be really tough. We had to tell Hockey Boy.

Hockey Boy loves his life here. He is in a wonderful kindergarten class with a great teacher and really sweet friends. He loves playing hockey where an NHL team actually practices and has loved being a Green Mini Mite this year. He likes living someplace that has such great weather that he is able to play outside most of the year. We actually all love all these things.

We decided to tell him while we were on vacation at Disneyland. They claim to be the happiest place on earth so maybe the news would be easier to bear. We were in one of the restaurants, actually enjoying a relaxing lunch, when we broke the news of the move. And my son who is usually pretty stoic about these things started crying. He was genuinely heart broken. We were breaking our little boy's heart. We knew that this was the right decision for our whole family, including him, but that did not change the fact that it hurt him. I don't know why it has to be that way but it often is with kid. We give them shots so they don't get really sick later. We send them to school where they might get teased or hurt knowing that they will grow and learn to handle difficult situations.
This was the first time though that I broke my son's heart in a very real way. 

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