Thursday, June 4, 2009


I don't really have a lot to write today. Nor did I have much to say yesterday. Or the day before. I wish I had some deep thoughts or amusing stories to share but I can't think of anything. And I hate the idea of writing something mundane. I could just not blog but then I get out of the habit of writing and a couple of days will turn into a week or a few weeks. And hopefully some of you have me on your favorites and if you are like me you are waiting for me to write something.

I was actually talking with a few friends last week about blogs and blogging.  Two of us are bloggers. I love to read what she writes and I have found that I feel a lot more connected to her now that I read her blog. The other two women don't blog and rarely read blogs. I am wondering if the people who blog and love to read blogs are the same people that love reality television. I started my voyeurism with The Real World on MTV when I was still in high school. I still remember Julie and Eric from the first season in New York. I have in the years since, grown a bit in my taste and while I will admit to watching The Hills on occasion, I moved on to A Wedding Story and then A Baby Story on TLC. Now I am in love with Tori and Dean and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. I like seeing peoples' "real lives" so for me reading the blogs of people I know as well as the public blogs of people I don't know is reality in the written form. A perfect match for someone who loves to read and also really loves to feel connected to real people. 

And like reality television, I know that blogging is really only what I put out there. Not necessarily the hour by hour true story of my life. But if we sat down for coffee one day without kids, what I write is probably what I would share. I may sanitize some of the details. I may leave out the important parts, because I may not have figured out what is really going on in my head yet. But I would share what I was thinking and pondering. I would listen as you did the same.  We would laugh over the funny things our kids did, or come close to tears as we shared struggles with our spouses. I would prefer to share the cup of coffee and stories face to face. But time and distance does not always allow us to be together in the same room. And for some blogs I read, I wouldn't recognize the person if we met in a Starbucks line. 

So I grab a cup of coffee in the morning, and click through my list of blogs. And I feel connected.


  1. me too. minus the coffee.

  2. So glad you joined the blogging world! I love and look forward to what you write....selfishly, I wish you would go private so you would feel more at ease with names and inserting pictures!