Saturday, June 6, 2009


Recently Middle Man has been insisting on boys only time when Daddy is home on the weekends. I know how much he loves me and since we get lots of time together all week long, I am a huge fan also of Boy Time. A few weekends ago, they hit Target for a bat, some balls and a hitting tee and then went to the school to play baseball. The Little One has been going out every day since to hit balls in the backyard. They sometimes get ice cream and run errands. Sometimes the park. I am not really sure what they do because it is Boy Time and there are no Mommies allowed. 

This morning, Daddy was wanting the boys to get dressed so they could go to Starbucks and then the toy store. While Starbucks is not always a huge draw, the toy store motivates and caused a rush to get ready. That was when I heard Middle Man ask his Daddy, "What should I wear? I want to look beautiful?" So sweet! And incredibly bizarre since this child normally pulls the first items out of his drawer, throws them on and wants to head out with his hair sticking up in all sorts of strange directions. I smiled and giggled to myself as I sat in the other room, not wanting to get in their way. His Daddy responded, "Handsome. Girls are beautiful. Boys are Handsome." And off Middle Man went to get dressed. 

Before they left I saw what Middle Man had chosen, a new Superman t-shirt and some royal blue running shorts. I told him he looked beautiful. He quickly replied, "handsome" and was on his way for Boy Time.  

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