Monday, June 15, 2009


My name is Jennifer. I am a Twilight Addict.  

I am not normally one to get caught up in the latest thing. And I had not planned on reading the books even after reading a number of my smart, literate, well read friends blog posts about how much they liked Twilight. But then I found myself about to get on a 2 hour flight with no book to read which to me is just wrong in so many ways. So I headed to the airport book shop and decided to give Twilight a try. I loved the book so much I ended up buying, not borrowing from the library, but buying the other three books in the series. So glad I did because I have read them all at least twice.

I definitely relate to the main character of Bella. I also was the parent in my relationship with my mom growing up. I was very independent at a young age. I have tied my fate to an amazing man in a way that often requires more of me than I knew I was able to give. And who doesn't love a sweet romance with a little conflict and tension thrown in to make things passionate and the stuff of fairy tales. 

But I think what I like most is that the books are a world of right and wrong, black and white, love and goodness. The real world, including my love story, is a place of greys, of compromises, of vagueness and even blandness at times. It is self sacrificing for people who will leave you at the end of the day and of dealing with bad choices in good people. It is unknown and unknowable. So I find myself escaping into the world of Bella and Edward, a safe world that ends happily ever after.


  1. hmmm i haven't really been interested in the series yet, but i may just have to give it a try after that description.

  2. I still have yet to read 3 and 4.... I did like the first two though.