Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Mind Needs Space

So it has been over a week since I last blogged. I did not feel well part of last week. My husband was traveling. Life got busy. I did have time to sit at my computer and read other people's blogs or get my Bible Study homework done but then I was quickly off to another task or another meeting. This weekend it was a hockey tournament full of unexpected drama, thankfully outside of us, but still touching our minds. What I have found when I am busy being productive is that I don't have time to let my mind wander. My mind if full of lists and plans, interactions I have had or conversations I need to have. I am moving from task to task, assignment to assignment, keeping my mind busy. There is no space to let thoughts settle in and germinate. There is no time for all the various things I am reading, thinking and hearing to float by one another, banging into each other like atoms wanting to create a compound idea. It turns out that in order for me to blog, I need to have time for my mind to process the thoughts and feelings swirling through my brain. This I discovered on a six hour drive in the dark on my way to the hockey tournament. And while I would love to spend time writing about the conversation that followed with my honey about the value of being productive vs. contemplative, I have a long to do list for tomorrow morning that needs to be done tonight. Maybe tomorrow?

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