Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mind Clutter or Really Important Stuff?

I have some deeper thoughts floating around my head and hopefully I will get to spend some time putting them into words soon, but I am currently busy trying to figure out how to teach Middle Man to armpit fart. He announced today in the car that he wanted to learn to armpit fart and that if he did he would stop burping on purpose all the time. This is my life. My life with boys apparently is going to involve lots of conversations about body parts and gross out stuff.

Middle Man also wants to have a Phinneas and Ferb summer vacation this summer. Not sure how to pull that one off but am thinking I might be able to sneak some educational stuff in between building a rocket and fighting a mummy. But again my mind is starting to think up summer plans based on the lives of Disney cartoon characters.

I am finding that these boys take me out of my box, A LOT. I love new things as much as the next person but I like my box as well. Having kids is a bit like walking out of Plato's Cave and finding out the world is so much bigger than you ever could have imagined. My boys are interested in things that never even made my radar. Trains, planes and motorcycles are all just forms of getting from point A to point B to me but to Little One they are something to be studied and also purchased because we don't have this particular Hot Wheel Mommy. Not to mention I get to do school all over again but from a very different perspective. I now get excited when I find a hexagon shape on the shopping cart.

The boys have also reminded me of things I used to really enjoy. Middle Man used to go in the backyard and just stare up at the stars which I once enjoyed when I had time, and lived somewhere warm enough to sit outside at night. I love watching playoff games with Hockey Boy and see him cheer wildly when the Red Wings score.

So as much as I would like to expound on the balance between serving and having time for personal relationship, I am currently busy trying to decide if I should help my son learn to armpit fart or not. I am leaning toward turning a blind eye when their Uncle teaches them. I am sure I will regret this decision when the teacher emails me to let me know Middle Man is doing it during class but I think there are certain things that are part of being an Uncle.

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