Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is this bright ball of fire I keep hearing about?

Have you heard the rumors flying around Facebook and the blogging world? There are actually people in these United States of America that are hot right now. I am not sure how we can be United when those people are living crazy like in tshirts and sandals, putting their feet in sand and eating outdoors. So separate from us, their American brothers and sisters living in the safety of rainy days in the Pacific Northwest. I am at a loss. I cannot understand all this talk of swim suits, shorts and heat induced sweat, these rumors of being hot because of something that is called the sun. I am not sure what this sun thing is. I have a distant memory of something bright in the sky. I think it is a bit of a menace because it requires protective eye gear as well as some magic lotion to protect our skin. Thankfully I live somewhere that has prohibited this evil ball of heat from flying in our skies. Now how to save my Facebook and blogging friends from this horrible ball of fire in the sky? Maybe I should visit a few of these friends and investigate further this sun thing they talk of. Maybe I could negotiate some sort of treaty where the sun could visit our northwest skies as long as it promises to stay for just a few short days. Because who knows what would happen to all us natives if the sun showed up and stuck around a while. We might go crazy and actually go out without a raincoat.

Wait a minute, maybe we are all experiencing some sort of Stockholm syndrome brought on by our falling in "love" with our raincoats. Could this be a huge raincoat conspiracy? Are the rain boots and umbrellas in on it too?

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  1. Funny girl! It is hot, hot, hot here. Been in the 90's for weeks. Pool temp is even 90 degrees.... not even refreshing and its only June 2!! Even though I'm whining I will take the sun any day over the rain, as long as I am blessed enough to have A/C!!