Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I recently had a few discouraging weeks in a row when which I wrote about here and here and a few places in between. I don't like to be all sad and discouraged in my real life or on my blog but I also like to be real, because there is nothing more discouraging than to think you are alone in a world full of happy people all the time.

But after a few weeks of discouragement, I got a week full of little encouragements.

- When I wrote about blogging a few friends either commented or sent me emails to let me know that they think what I am doing is worthwhile. I don't want to be motivated by positive praise but sometimes it really helps to get an encouraging word from someone you trust.

- A few months back I took a risk and sent someone a Bible verse that I thought might be encouraging to them in a time of struggles. I was hesitant because you never know how that will be received, or at least that was my thought. Even after all these years and all my friends knowing I am a Christian I have a hard time sharing Bible verses with those around me. I don't want them to feel like I am trivializing their struggles with a "happy" verse about God's love. Last week I saw my friend and we started talking about what was going on in her life. She suddenly stopped me to run up and grab something to show me. It was a little framed copy of the verse I had sent her. A friend had given it to her as a gift a few weeks after I sent her the same verse. It now sits on her bedside table as a reminder of God's love and plan for her life. God was using me to share His word with her. What a blessing for me to be a part of God's work of comforting a friend in need.

- After I wrote my big dream of having all the women of my church read through the Bible in 2011, which felt very risky to say out loud, I was reading a book by a respected theologian. He also wrote that he thinks Christians should be reading through the Bible on a regular basis, affirming to me that my big dream was valid. Again, I should not need outside people to make me feel valid, but sometimes I really need to know that I am not alone in my thinking. Especially if I am calling others to action. I would so hate to think that I have the "right" answer and lead people off the trail into a barren wilderness.

- And to top it all off, the sun came out a few times this last week. Not enough to put away the pants and sweatshirts altogether, but enough to feel the sun on my face and know that summer is coming. There is hope!

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