Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Sun Has Arrived

I don't know where it got misplaced this spring, but the sun has finally made a real appearance in the skies above which means that I am now in summer mode. I would love to stay focused, reading and writing consistently, but the truth is that once the sun comes out here, all intelligent thought leaves and we start hanging outside later, meeting friends at the park, and enjoying the freedom that comes with summer. I still have a pile of books I want to read and my one year Bible reading to do so hopefully that will jog some deeper thoughts to rise above the sun induced mist that keeps me in the moment and limits the flitting of ideas around my mind. My goal is that this not turn into just a wordy scrapbook of our summer (though I do want to record the fun we have when it might amuse or give someone a good idea) but that it will continue to be a place I can escape my real world and delve into those things that make me feel real, thoughts and ideas.

But right now I am actually having fun being a fun mom. I think the sun coming out has really improved my mood so it is easier for me to enjoy the kids. Also, summer means all sorts of grand adventures, for the big boys this week is day camp and for Little One and I, we are enjoying the park, time with friends and lunch dates together. Next week starts swim lesson for all three boys at the same time (I won the lottery apparently) and more freedom to our days. More trips to Baskin Robbins and picnics at the park. More opportunities to listen to my boys play together when they don't know I am listening. A recent conversation I heard after Hockey Boy must have accidently hit Little One with a ball while playing hockey in the garage. :

Hockey Boy: Little One are you tough?

Little One stops crying and starts to calm down.

Hockey Boy: You are tough. I'm sorry I hurt you. But remember we are tough.

More water squirters and sidewalk chalk. More good books and lazy afternoons reading. More water fountains and sandboxes. More crops to water for Middle Man. More bike riding and lego building.

More USA soccer wins in the World Cup.

I am loving summer so far. Check back in a few weeks. I may have a 3.5 year old for sale.

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