Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day

Earlier this week Snow Watch 2011 began. Snow was predicted for late Wednesday night and would probably result in a snow day on Thursday for all the kids. Where we live, any snow on the ground shuts our town down. People from the midwest, my husband, like to make fun of us Pacific Northwest natives who don't drive in the snow. They mock us until they experience their first real snow storm and are tamed by the unique nature of snow here. Snow that melts and then refreezes, hills that get crowded by cars not made for snow, and commutes that take 4 hours to go 20 miles. Snow is serious business here. Well serious in the sense that we have snowmen to make, sledding to do, hot cocoa to drink and movies to watch.

So yesterday, I kept waiting for it to snow. I wanted to know we were going to have a snow day today so I wouldn't have to make lunches and we could put off homework for another day. "Maybe tomorrow" is often my refrain. I am not by nature a do-er. But as a mom, I have to help my kids learn good work habits and help teach them responsibility. It goes against my nature, as do most things that are actually good for me. Healthy foods never taste as good as peanut butter cups. I love to stay up late even though my body needs sleep. People magazine is my reading material of choice for an airplane ride though it is when I spend time in God's word that I feel fed, refreshed and whole.

That is one of the reasons I do love having a Bible reading plan that tells me what to read every day. While I like to put things off, I am also a list checker and people pleaser. I have trouble resting if there is something on my to do list, which is why I try to avoid putting things on my list. But each day, I know what I have to read, and I know I will feel a twinge of guilt until I get it done. Maybe not the best way to get myself reading the Bible, but effective. And once I am there, reading God's words, He meets me there.

I was wanting the snow to come yesterday after school so I could plan on a snow day, so I could cut things off my to do list. But it waited. This morning we woke up to a wonderful treat of a snow day AND we are all ready for school tomorrow as well. So now I am off. I have some serious snow business to attend to.

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