Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Community - People Should Come with Warning Labels

I have been thinking a lot about community this winter and have a couple of blog posts on the subject. One of the things I realized recently was that community would be so much easier if people came with warning labels.

"I have great intentions but I am a flake."

"I over share. Don't tell me your secrets."

"I am a drama queen. Don't take my woes too seriously."

"I have been hurt so don't trust easily."

"I am quick to judge."

"I make horrible first impressions but give me another chance."

I have recently discovered that my warning label would be "Just when we become great friends, I will move away." I feel like I need to start letting new people I meet know this about me. I am a serial monogamist when it comes to community. I am quick to jump in and get involved. I am committed. I show up. I am loyal. Until the moving truck shows up. And if it is has been 2 years that we have lived in one place, then know the moving truck is coming.

We have been in the Pacific Northwest now for 2 years, exactly 2 years this week. And while the moving truck is not coming until this summer, the decision to move has been made, the house hunt has begun, and we are starting the process of disconnecting here and reconnecting there. Thankfully for us our there is back in the Bay Area where we lived a few years ago. A place full of friends, a great school community, and a strong church. A place we know and a place the kids, well some of them, remember.

This time I may not need to put on my warning label. We hope, as we did during our last move, that this one is permanent. I think we are getting closer to what is best for our family long term. I think we have found the right school system and the right hockey program for our boys. A hockey program that will not conflict with church anymore. We are moving back to the sun which makes me so very happy.

And yet, we have to say goodbye, again. Goodbye to amazing friends. Goodbye to a church family full of people who held my boys when they were babies. Goodbye to our small and tight hockey group.

With the advent of Facebook and blogs it is really not so much a goodbye, as let's stay connected via our iPhones. Which is really not so bad after all. Much better than saying goodbye.


  1. WOW!!!!!! So excited for you guys!! Sorry and just a tad bit jealous too :) I wish you all the best on your big move and we will miss you guys so much. Now I know who to come to with Bay Area questions :)

  2. We can't wait! --The Levenfelds

  3. Grace upon grace, my friend. I don't envy another move. And, with/like you, having been a mover-for-way-too-long, I long for this next one to be the last one or a permanent one! May it be so. But, I KNOW and trust only that ONE permanent home that will be forever and stable...

  4. Beautifully said. You will be missed...but very soon be welcomed!

    Admiring you from afar.

    Your friend,

  5. Another adventure for your family!!

  6. Oh my gosh, congrats, Jen! I wish you were moving to Colorado but I'm glad you and your boys will already have a network established where you're going. Sounds like a great fit for you all and I know you'll be so missed in Sherwood!