Monday, May 23, 2011

Am I Shallow?

So last Monday, I started keeping a list of gratitude, a list of a thousand things that bring me joy, little things in my day. It is part of Ann Voskamp's Multitude of Mondays. You should definitely visit her website if you haven't yet. Her book "One Thousand Gifts" has been a great reminder that I need to spend my time being thankful for what God has given me, the life He has prepared for me, instead of looking at the world and people around me wondering why me or why them.

This week, as I started composing my list in my mind, I was struck by how dissonant my list looks on paper.
  • Women coming together to study God's word
  • The first sip of Starbucks
  • Watching Little One celebrate a goal
  • Dropping Little One off at school
  • A new episode of Bethenny Ever After on my DVR
  • prayer requests shared
  • lying in bed with a good book
  • a good laugh with friends 
  • clean sheets
  • warm laundry
  • date night starting with an adult creamsicle drink
  • lunch with the Gilmore Girls
When I read my list, I am not sure this is what Ann had in mind. I have peeked through some of the lists other's have shared. Their lists look so peaceful. Full of nature and love. God and family. I often catch myself editing my list in my head before I even write it down. 

Is this worthy of the list? 

Is my list holy enough? 

Am I shallow?

I know I am not a shallow person by nature. But I have shallow moments. 

I also know that I am not a holy person. But I have holy moments. 

And I am thankful for both. 

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  1. Your list is beautiful! Or, at least I think so cuz it looks a lot like mine (a little biased in my judgement, I guess) many times has coffee made mine!?!! and there IS something so sweet, so holy about a good laugh with friends. Glad you are counting. is fun to read