Tuesday, May 17, 2011


YES I KNOW I AM SHOUTING. Shouting from the roof tops with joy! Because we found a house. A house in the school zone we wanted, the school where we already have friends, where we are already known.

A real house with 3 bedrooms, a yard, and our very own washer and dryer in the garage. And we are thrilled. Thrilled with a house that is smaller than we have now. Thrilled to have amenities we have now. Thrilled because there was a point in this house search that we began to think that a 2 bedroom apartment with a shared laundry room and parking garage would become home for next year.

Perspective always amazes me with its ability to change my view on what I need. To change my view of what would make me happy.

When we started this journey my two requirements were being in our old school zone and having my own laundry. Slowly as we lost the first house we found and then the second and started to get scared by the lack of rentals available, I was willing to give up the laundry. I was more willing to take my quarters to the laundromat than give up the school we wanted. It is not like this is some magic school. But it is a place where my oldest has friends, where he feels safe already. A place where I don't have to make a good first impression.

But finally a house showed up on Craiglist. When the landlord called me back she already had another family that wanted it as well. I am so glad that my husband was in California at the time. He was actually on his way to the airport to head home but he quickly changed his plans. He was able to see the house the next day at lunch with his check in hand.

And now we have a house. I didn't have to worry. I did but it turns out worry wasn't necessary. The right place came available just as we needed it. Just as I knew it would, in my head, though my heart had its doubts.

(This is actually old news at this point. It happened almost two weeks ago. But as I was looking through my blog posts, or lack thereof, I noticed I never wrote about finding our house.)

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