Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am so easily distracted by the day to day. I have plans for my morning, plans to write which feeds my soul. But I find myself instead retweeting interesting articles or funny lines. I find myself scouring airline websites looking for the best prices and dates for our summer trip to the lake. I find myself writing blog posts about being easily distracted.

And then there are days when I am distracted by the world. By the email that comes in first thing in the morning with news that my kids lives might be disrupted by a school move. By a possible slight from a friend that I now sit and dissect. By world news that disappoints. By events that demand my attention even though they were never on my radar before.

I am tired of being distracted. I am tired of being worried about things I cannot change or may never happen anyway. I am tired of losing focus on what is important to me and replacing it with what is important to the world, to my friends, to those around me.

I need to remember that I have lived long enough, know myself well enough, understand God's place in my life and His word enough, to not let the world tell me what to do, what to think, what to believe. I am tired of debating and defending. I am tired of being swayed by the whims and energies of others.

It's not their fault. It's mine.

I let myself be distracted. I let my mind wander where it doesn't need to go.

But I am tired. So tired.

And when I get tired I often make rash decisions, radical statements, and distracted choices.

As I was walking out of Starbucks today, I made a decision. I am not going to be distracted by the world. I am not going to get involved in fights I can't win or are not my fight to have. I am not going to hold on to community at all costs nor am I going to burn bridges.

I am going to get back to what God put before me to do. Not anyone else. But what God put before ME.

That is after I send out this blog post and then post it on Twitter and Facebook.

Praying I don't get distracted in the process.

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  1. I know, friend.  I love your wisdom about staying focused on what God has put before each of us, individually -- what is ours to do, with Him, as we sit at His feet, trusting that He knows how easily we are swayed by distractions and things that are less satisfying to our hearts and that He will give us what we need to turn our focus back.  Thank you so much.  I so get this.