Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End Of Another Year

We are coming to the end of another school year. Only four more days left and two of them are minimum days and one of those has me at the school all morning for a kindergarten potluck picnic. This year I remembered that the end of the year is busy and the calendar is filled with end of the year parties and presentations, last times and last days. I remembered but it doesn't make the whirlwind any less exhausting or any less of a hit to my work schedule.

Today I volunteered at my last kindergarten table time. I have finally graduated which means that in just a few days I will no longer have a kindergartner in my home. The boys are growing up. And yet my baby is still my baby. His teacher may say he is ready for first grade, I may be excited about him going to first grade with its full day schedule, but I am not sure my baby's mommy's heart is ready for him to be a real big boy.

But before that we have the cleaning out of the desk which sends papers and projects home to my counter top. We have popsicle Friday and last after school play dates of the year before everyone runs off in different directions for camps and vacations. We have emails being exchanged about teacher placement and paperwork needed for next year.

Soon though it will all end. The back packs will be cleaned out. The lunch boxes will be put away for the summer. The alarm will be turned off and summer will begin.

Endless days with no schedule. Freedom to swim in the morning and read in the afternoon. Time to build an entire lego Dragonvale village on my living room floor. Video games being played with so much enthusiasm and glee that I have to close my door to block out the noisy joy. Evening trips to Baskin Robbins and quiet mornings with a cup of coffee in my pjs while the kids watch another episode of Mythbusters.

And then day 2 of summer will arrive and the countdown to the first day of school will begin.

Ahhh.... I love summer.


  1. So true about day number TWO!  

  2. Yep, I hear you...I am ready now and will be ready in late August for the alarm setting, lunchbox making, structure dictating beginning of the school year...

  3. You made me chuckle!  It's that Day 2 that always gets me too.

  4. I'm thinking Day 2 may be when I pull out all those new book recommendations I'm getting from you.

  5. I am so looking forward to turning off the alarms and putting away the lunch boxes.