Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letters In One Place

Moving always gets me thinking about the people I left behind, the ones that changed me with their presence in my life. Some are obvious but others may never know the positive impact they had on my life, on the person I have become. This year, as I moved and turned 40, I have been thinking a lot about the various people I have met along the way. In the olden days, I might have gotten out my engraved stationary and sent them a letter. In today's world, in my world, I am going to be posting these letters on my blog. Saves me paper and postage, and more importantly, hopefully reminds us each of the impact we have on one another's lives because from each of these people, I have learned how to be a better person.  

Here are the letters written so far all in one place. 

To My Noble Friend
To the Missionaries...
You Show Up
You Made Me Brave
Dear Mrs. N. 
To My Fashionista Friend
To My English Speaking Church Family
Dear American Club Ladies
Letter to a Friend

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