Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Kids - Or Why I Need God

A friend has been asking me over the last few months to remind her why having three kids is a challenge. She had been feeling the pressure of three being the new two in our society but was not sure if she really wanted three kids. I guess she trusted me to give her an honest perspective on having three kids because really I only know how to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

So I told her about the challenges that come with three kids. First off being pregnant a third time is really tiring because you are almost always having to deal with the needs of your other kids who are probably toddlers or preschoolers, so very needy. I also explained some of the financial burdens, two more years of preschool tuition, another person who needs swim lessons and ice skating class, a suite at hotels because most hotels will not allow a family of five in a traditional room, a bigger vehicle because in this day of car seats and boosters, try getting three across the back seat of a small car comfortably and without everyone constantly fighting over who is touching them. 

But here is what I really learned from having three kids instead of two.  I NEED God. Honestly when I had two kids, I loved God. I wanted to serve Him. I knew I needed Him for salvation but it was few days when I broke down pleading for His help in my daily life. Then I had my third baby. It is now a rare day when I don't cry out to God for patience, wisdom, peace, kindness and a host of other Godly attributes that I cannot do on my own. 

I felt comfortable with my parenting when I had two kids. I felt in control. But three kids has rocked me to the core. It has challenged me to grow in areas that I did not know I needed to grow. These little munchkins have helped me be a better person. A person who truly understands the grace that God has given me and can extend that grace to those around me. 

And any time I start to feel like I am getting this mothering thing down, I just need to go out to the garage and look in my minivan and be reminded again that I am not in control. But God is!

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