Friday, January 16, 2009


I LOVE Facebook. I probably spend way too much time there especially since I can access it from my iPhone as well as my computer. I love reading my friends' status updates and trying to think of witty comments to make on their pages. I love knowing the little details of their lives. I especially love that I can feel close to my friends down the road, two states away or even across the oceans. 

I was just telling my beloved that it is sort of like communal living in the modern age. You know all the news as it happens. You know what people are making for dinner and can seek advice on any subject from a wide range of friends. You see a friend's status update about their new vitamix or favorite read and your world is bigger. 

Most of my life is spent in a small bubble of experience mostly centered around my three boys. Talking on the phone is a huge treat because I have to do it when kids are sleeping or watching tv. Some days my only adult conversation is the few minutes I chat with parents at kindergarten drop off. But on Facebook I can chat with my friend in Poland or Oregon all in my pajamas and they can't hear the kids screaming and if I get interrupted, I just catch up after I referee the Wii battle.  

And don't get me started on all the games you can play. I have lost many hours of my life trying to beat someone's high score on Word Twist or Scramble. And if you like Scrabble I am always up for a game.  


  1. *sigh* i love it too. i've started thinking is status updates. Sarah is taking three kids for a walk. Sarah wishes she'd left the fussy one at home. Sarah wishes her husband was home so she could have left him there safely.

  2. FB is super addicting. I have enjoyed catching up with long lost friends. I was recently found by three girls I was BFF's in the 7th grade! Amazing how much people look the exact same and cool to see how similiar we still are and sad that it has taken FB to reunite us. Super sad that apparently we attended the same college and didn't even know it!!

  3. I hear ya. I exchange emails with my closest friends, but otherwise FB has been how I keep up with many of the people I know while I've been overseas. Even if I don't have contact with them on a day-to-day basis, it's really great to know what they're up to. Otherwise I'd be in a clueless vacumn until I got back.