Monday, January 19, 2009

Make a Joyful Noise

The last few days while driving in my minivan, I have heard the most delightful song. It was the sweet voice of my middle son singing along loudly with his favorite Jana Alayra song, "Jump, Jump into the Light". He loves to sing.  I have been told by all his teachers that he loves to sing and that he sings with gusto. He loves to do the hand motions and dance with the song. I usually do not get to see this side of him. But recently I bought a few Jana Alayra CDs because these are the songs the kids sing at church and since then I have had the privilege of hearing my son make a joyful noise. My favorite moments come though when he sings the lyrics wrong. He sings loudly Jesus races (reigns) and Shout Rosanna to the Lord (Hosanna). How sweet the sound!

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