Sunday, January 11, 2009

Longest Week Ever

Some weeks just feel longer than others.  And then there is the longest week ever.  And not because anything in particular is happening but just because.   So while I have been away from blogging, my mind has been spinning.  I feel like I need to put a disclaimer at the top of this blog.  Not sure what it would say but I feel like I should warn people that my random thoughts are incomplete and possibly incoherent and possibly even inappropriate.  But I guess if you are reading my blog, you know all those things.  
Here are just a few of my random thoughts from last week....
1)  Why do my kids sleep well most nights, but on the nights I stay up late, more specifically the nights my husband and I stay up late together doing what adults do (not all adults but hopefully married adults do with some regularity), at least one of my kids, and not the baby, wake me up at 3 am with a nightmare or dry eyes?  I get the nightmares but dry eyes?
2)  I was taught to do what you love as your job.  To use your talents and gifts that God has given you.  And I definitely agree.  But I have also been wondering lately if there is a time in your life when you should seek the job that maybe has components you do not love but will help you grow, especially if that growth is in an area you desperately need but really don't want.  As a stay at home mom, I love being able to be there for my kids whenever they need me.  I love the parts of the job that use my talents and gifts.  But I am seeing the most growth in those areas that are a real challenge.  And if you read my previous post on patience, know that I am STILL working on that one.  Last week was NOT a good week but I every morning I get a chance to do better.  
3)  Grace...  What an amazing gift from God.  But also what a great gift we can give those around us.   As we go about our daily lives and make many of the same decisions as those who do not know God, I sometimes wonder where our faith plays a difference.  This week I saw grace in a few situations because the people involved love God and I also saw what happens when the person in charge does not know God or understand His grace and mercy.  
4)  I like doing laundry.  Not more than sitting and playing on my computer but I do find it a nice break in my day to just stop, stay in one place and do repetitive movements.  I think of it as Mommy meditation.  
So those are just a few of my thoughts. 
Which would have posted last night, except our power went down.  Loving my new laptop because I can still type, but it turns out the power being out turns off some piece of computer equipment that is the magic behind my being able to type this in bed while my kids are gorging themselves on Playhouse Disney.  


  1. Good post Jen! But, liking laundry.... girl, you ain't right!

  2. Wished we lived closer. I could do your laundry and you could do my cooking!