Monday, January 18, 2010

Pajama Day

So today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. my kids had the day off of school. I do have to say that our school did discuss MLK Jr.'s important role in American history which was nice. So interesting to hear what a first grader takes away from the lesson. Hockey Boy when asked said that MLK Jr. made the world fair. I am not ready to burst that bubble. Though maybe if that is what they are teaching the first graders it might become true for their generation?

My original plan was to have a pajama day and just relax. We had a busy weekend and my Beloved took off early for a week long business trip. Seemed like the perfect day to be lazy, especially since we did not have to clean up the evidence before he got home. He is the neat freak, always doing something productive, part of our family and we don't want to destroy his vision of his family but when he is away, it is all about pajamas and eating sugar cereal for dinner just because. So my original plan, which I had not told the boys about, was pajama day. But then I remembered that my playgroup mommy friends are coming over tonight for a girls night and we don't have enough seating in our living room for everyone. We have avoided this problem by just not having anyone over but this will be the third time this week I hosted people, including some people I did not know from the PTA, and someone (me) had to sit on the floor. We keep meaning to pick up yet another Ikea chair, you know the one with the wood frame and the huge selection of cushion colors. But we keep forgetting to do it. Ideally we would love to actually decorate our living room and come up with a grown up seating solution, but since we have had our one couch for 6 years now and have not gotten any other chairs or a loveseat, I am thinking it may never happen. I just don't care enough about decorating to actually figure it all out. That is why I love Ikea. You can buy a chair for less than $100 as a temporary solution. Though I am thinking that in 10 years if you come to visit you will still be sitting in those Ikea chairs. Well one of you will, because we keep forgetting to pick up another one.

So anyway I was thinking about taking the kids to Ikea this morning after I finally made it out of bed and into clean clothes. I thought they would be so excited because they love the Ikea ball pit and game room. Seemed like a win-win. Except when I suggested it, my boys all looked at me in total confusion. Middle Man than kindly pointed out that we are supposed to stay home today because, "It is a holiday". I explained that they would not be able to use any screens (tv, Wii, Ds games) until after Little One's nap so we might as well go out. They again looked up from their books and word puzzles with a look that made it clear I was interrupting them and said that was fine. They continued to read for a bit while I wandered around a little confused about what to do but sure I did not want to fold the four loads of laundry my husband kindly washed and dried but did not fold before he left. I eventually sat down to read for a bit and heard the sounds of my sweet boys playing all together. Not sure what the game was but it involved legos and their own personal secret hiding places all in the comfort of their pajamas.

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