Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whiplash of the Mind

I was recently looking over my Facebook status updates and was amazed at how divergent they can be. Here are a few of my recent missives:

I want an iPad! - Yesterday (Wednesday)

Just read the Huffington Posts rules for the State of the Union drinking game. That looks more dangerous than the Robin Shebowski one. - Tuesday

Was rushing the kids through dinner thinking we were late only to arrive at basketball practice 15 minutes early. - Monday

I am not sure what God is going to do with my obedience to His whispers but I have been really encouraged this week. But that is when it is easy to be obedient, when you are getting lots of good feedback. Praying that I can say yes Lord even when the world's response is silence. - Sunday

That was over four days but could have easily have been written in a few hours. My mind jumps quickly at times between subjects and goes from the mundane, to the eccentric, to the silly, to the deeply spiritual and back again in a matter of minutes. I have friends who are like this and when we talk... well I can only imagine the poor people sitting next to us in Starbucks. Our conversation can cause whiplash.

Thankfully my husband has learned that their are connections between each thought, even if he can't figure out what they are and needs them explained. Though now he usually just trusts that what I am saying makes sense in my mind and goes with the flow of the conversation. I know I am not the only one like this with a mind that moves thoughts around quickly and randomly, letting them collide together and creating new ideas. I have found many kindred spirits.

I love that I can talk about what happened on Grey's Anatomy in one sentence and the theological idea of election in the next. That I read books on prayer written over a hundred years ago, and mommy blogs and silly twitter updates of people that make me smile.

So please don't mind the whiplash that might occasionally occur on this blog. I honestly use this blog to get all the thoughts that are swirling around my head on any given day out of my head and onto "paper" hoping that I can then release that idea for a while.

Oh and let me say that I watched part of the State of the Union speech with the drinking game rules in front of me. So glad I was not playing with actual liquor! President Obama said the word "jobs" a lot. Though because I am who I am, I also listened to the speech because I enjoy government and a reasonable political discussion, not that those happen much anymore. I could start quoting my favorite lines now but will save those for another day.

See, whiplash.

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