Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Sale - One Five Year Old Boy

He's incredibly cute and has a smile that will melt your heart. His eyes are bright and he wakes up happy and ready to face the day. He never tires, except at chore time. He is inquisitive, asking lots of questions, even ones you have already answered five times since breakfast. He is enthusiastic - always, and it is contagious. He runs toward life. Well except for airplane rides which make him quite nervous. He is loyal and does not feel like all is right in the world until his family is back together at the end of the day.  He loves to snuggle and will find ways to stay connected physically when you are out and about so look before you step because he is probably right in front of you but he is short so he is easy to miss and trip over.

I also have a grumpy but highly intelligent eight year old who loves to garden and be left alone. If you are a cat person you would probably like him as like cats, he makes you earn his affection except when he is in the mood to be cuddled. And when he laughs, oh my word, his joy is overwhelming. If you can get a smile out of him, you will feel like you have won the lottery. Unlike cats he loves the water and prefers to spend long lengths of time under water which has been known to concern a lifeguard or two. He loves direct eye contact even when being lectured but it has to be really, really close eye contact. He enjoys bike rides, maze and puzzle books, and getting in the way of his brothers' mini hockey games.

I also have one nine year old boy, the oldest of the crew. He is getting tall, and old, and scaring his mommy with his aging. He does know how babies are made but has declared that disgusting for now. He would rather talk about his list for Santa Claus. He is also bright except when asked to write a simple paragraph for his summer school work. He is very responsible, tells the truth and follows directions accurately though he does have trouble thinking beyond the literal at times. He is athletic and enjoys most sports though hockey is his favorite and ping pong his second favorite. When he is sitting still though he is probably reading a book from the library. We had to stop buying books because he reads too fast. He does have a delightful whine when he wants to remind you he is still your baby but is learning to curb his extreme emotions, though tears will erupt if he drops his cookie in the grocery store or he is told to read in his bedroom instead of the living room couch.

Actually maybe they are not for sale.

But I am willing to consider day rentals. 

The oldest is available for the occasional overnight. 

Nice families or relatives only please. 

Nevermind. They are all in bed now. Have I mentioned how cute they are when they are asleep. 

And I would never actually sell them or rent them out using an ad on a blog. That is what Facebook is for. 


  1. Loved this! Wow, isn't it amazing how similar the "birth order factor" makes our boys! P.S. I like you....just wanted to answer yesterday's question. :)

  2. I love that you have three boys too and can relate to my experience. It is even better that I like you. Can't wait for hockey season to start again so I get to see you more often.