Monday, December 22, 2008

Boss' Holiday Party

Okay so I just want to know who thought it was a good idea to make everyone go to a holiday party hosted by the boss?   Better yet, who thought it was a good idea to invite spouses?   Now my husband works for a very nice man, who has a lovely wife and who hosts a nice party.  So the problem is not the boss as a person.  The problem is expecting me to hang out with my husband's colleagues on a weekend while using my limited babysitter budget to do it kid free.  
See my husband works not quite constantly but it is starting to seem that way.  He works for a start up so there are a lot of demands, not enough money and few people to do the work.  I laugh because our goal right now is for him to be home "for dinner", really in time to read bed time stories at least two nights a week.  Because on the other three nights I am lucky if he is home by 9:30.  And on the nights he is home, he is back on the computer working after he puts the kids to bed.  The only night he does not do any work is on Saturday nights.  We have been on two vacations this year and both involved multiple work related phone calls, computer time and emails.  Nothing like being in line for "It's a Small World" at Disneyland and having your husband have to take an investor call.  How am I supposed to keep the kids quiet for that?  Though it is much easier to entertain three kids alone in Disneyland than at the beach with three none swimmers.  
So the gist is I am a bit bitter about his hours.  I know he is doing the best he can.  And I know that we are blessed in this economy to have a job!  But to expect me to be charming at the holiday party on one of my few nights alone with him...  Then add champagne and all the women telling me how hard he works, such long hours.  Oh and the one guy who actually says in front of me how much harder it is with two working parents.  Harder on who, the two working parents who have to figure out whose turn it is to go to the preschool performance or take the kid to the doctor?  Or harder on the family who has the stay at home doing all those things because the working parent misses everything because they really cannot get out, probably because they are covering for the working parent who has to leave to take care of those few tasks the nanny cannot do.  
Okay I am bitter.  But I did manage to get through the party without saying anything too damaging!  :)


  1. dude. i hate crazy working hours. and my husband's aren't even as bad as yours. its funny you write this cause i was offended that this year they didn't invite the spouse's to the christmas party. you make him work like mad and then want him to stay late to party with you guys too?? come on.

  2. At his old job they did the party during the day so I did not have to go. But you are right about expecting him to go and leave you at home with the kids. Not cool.

  3. a day party!! now that is a good idea.