Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So we decided last night to put all the presents from family under the Christmas tree.  They had been accumulating in our closet over the last month as packages arrived from our families far away.  Each time the brown truck would stop at our house the boys would get so excited.  Unfortunately for them most of the time it was Amazon delivering my cereal order or a new carton of paper towels.  But intermixed with the boring Amazon boxes came packages with beautifully wrapped presents from across the country.  So last night we opened all the boxes and packages and arranged them under the tree.  I had my doubts about this because I did not think our Little One could handle so many presents and not being able to open them.  But my husband wanted to let them see and feel the gifts.  Maybe even shake a few and try to figure out what they are.  So this morning I sit and listen to my boys excitedly talking to each other, pointing out a gift or shaking a box from Grandma.  They are filled with anticipation.  The fun kind that makes you wake up early with a smile on your face.  Ready to jump out of bed and face the day.  And this anticipation is contagious!  So now I sit here with a smile on my face filled with joy listening to my boys being kids.  
Oh and so far we have only had one present unwrapped by the Little One.  I think his brother Yoshi who gave him the gift sort of instigated the unwrapping  hoping that Little One would get away with it and they could all play with the new car.  And just think of all the patience and delayed gratification they will learn between now and tomorrow!

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  1. i hid mine for the first time this year. usually they're under the tree as soon as they arrive, but not this time. I kinda like waiting to put things out. the wrapping paper holds together better. but yeah, one day of delayed gratification might be a good idea.