Saturday, April 2, 2011

Headphones for Silence

As I was driving around today with all three boys in the minivan, I was accosted by crazy voices as my kids became different Pokemon characters. If it is not high pitched Pokemon conversations, then it is fighting over the armrests or the inevitable "he's touching me" "no I'm not" tattling. My minivan is noisy and the noise seems to echo even louder in that small space.

Amidst all that noise, I have started dreaming of the day when they are teenagers. Teenagers who are wearing headphones and listening to their own music on their own iPods. I can see them all in my rearview mirror in hoodies and big headphones, tapping their knees to different rhythms.

No fighting.

No loud silliness.

No interruptions.

Just silence.

Headphones and iPods might be the price for quiet in my minivan. And while it will limit conversation and connection, it is a price I might be willing to pay.

Maybe when we are not together all day, every day. Maybe when the kids are all in school all day and then at activities all afternoon and evening. Maybe when Little One stops shadowing me wherever we go. Maybe then I will miss the noise. I will miss the conversations.

But right now, I am dreaming of headphones and silence.

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