Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it too Early for an Ethics Class?

I was volunteering in Middle Man's classroom today. I love first grade. The kids are still so cute but they actually can have some good discussions and are able to do more on their own. It is a great age.

One of the things I love about volunteering in the classrooms is seeing what my boys are doing in school. Today I sat down next to Middle Man who was working on a special packet of work his teacher had created just for him. The worksheet he was doing involved hypothetical situations and Middle Man was supposed to figure out how he would handle the situation.

Question #1 - Your friend's pet died yesterday. What would you say to him?

My son's response - Nothing. He is not a talker. Nor is he empathetic. When I suggested he write, "I'm sorry" he looked very confused and did not want to write that because then his friend might think it was his fault. I guess "I'm sorry" is the same as saying, "I'm guilty."

Question #3 - A friend has offered to pay you to do his homework for him. What do you say to him?

My son's response - "How much will you pay me?"

I am not sure if I should be proud of his business venture or worried that he may be kicked out of school someday for breaking the honor code.

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