Friday, April 15, 2011

The Prayers of a Child

So the whole moving thing is obviously on my mind a lot. And the biggest weight right now is finding a place to live.

We recently told the kids about the move and they took it in stride. We are professional movers after all. They have been down this road before. I did find the first question they asked very telling. "When will we move back?"

We plan on this move being permanent. Not so much a permanent spot in the Bay Area because I have learned to stop saying that, but we really don't think we will be coming back to the Pacific Northwest again. This time we are selling our house. This time we are not saying, "see you in a few years." We really are saying goodbye.

The next thing they wanted to know was where would we live. Middle Man wants a three story house with an elevator. Hockey Boy really wants to be near his old friends from when we lived there 2 years ago. And that is our hope. Not necessarily the three story house but moving back to the same school.

I talked to Hockey Boy the next day about God having a plan for our lives. That God is directing our path and because He is God it will be good. And then I suggested we pray about God helping us find the "right" house. The house that God wants for us even if it is not in our old neighborhood. So we prayed and continue to pray each night before bed.

This would be a great story if it were not for the little voice in the back of my head. The voice that thinks, "Yes, let's get Hockey Boy to pray. God won't break a little boy's heart and move us away from his friends would He?" The voice that would love for God to show up in a very tangible way for my son. Part of this is a desire for my son to learn that God hears our prayers. This is a good lesson for him to learn. So am I manipulating God to have to show up by having Hockey Boy pray? Or am I really trying to turn this into a great spiritual lesson for Hockey Boy?

The great thing about God is that He will show up for Hockey Boy either way. Hockey Boy and God have their own relationship. God is taking care of Hockey Boy often through me but sometimes in spite of me. Hockey Boy is praying to God, sharing his real heart's desire. He is learning to call out to God in a time of need. And I really think he is starting to understand that the house God finds for us really will be the "right" place for us.

As I write this though, I am realizing that I need to learn that lesson. I need to know that God not only hears my prayers but that He really does have a good, kind and loving plan for my life. I need to trust Him like my little 8 year old is, no matter what answer comes.

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