Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life in the Fairy Tales

I think I am living a fairy tale life. Not Cinderella, which was my favorite growing up, or any of the other princess movies. I have found my prince, but does happily ever after really exist? Long term yes, but my day to day living does not involve mice and birds making my bed, cleaning my house or tying a ribbon in my hair. I do relate a bit to Snow White since I spend my days cooking and cleaning for little men.

I sometimes feel like the mom of the three little pigs. Hockey boy would definitely build his house of bricks. Little One would probably be the one using sticks or wood but having seen his lego building skills I am pretty sure the Big Bad Wolf could blow it down pretty quick. MIddle Man, what to say about Middle Man? I am pretty sure he would be the straw one, though I doubt he would actually build a house with the straw. More likely he would make a big pile of the straw, climb inside and call it good. In his defense, I think the Big Bad Wolf would probably walk right by the pile of straw though so his plan may be genius. Thankfully, for Little One and Middle Man, Hockey Boy is a very caring big brother and I am sure he would let them move him. He already plans to have them all live together in their own house someday in Detroit when they are playing for the Red Wings. Three grown boys in one house makes me think I will be staying in a hotel when I visit.

When I am not living with the Three Little Pigs, I find myself feeling like we have entered the home of the Three Bears. If it is not too hot, it's too loud, or too bright, or too wet, or too cold. What works for one of my boys, does not work on the others. Hockey Boy loves hot showers. Little One hates things too hot. He likes his corn dogs cold, but Middle Man wants his hot. The tv is too loud says Little One. I can't hear they then all shout when I start loading the dishwasher. One can't sleep because he is too hot but I refuse to turn the air conditioner on in the middle of winter when I am freezing because someone likes to sleep all snug in way too many blankets. Occasionally, there is a rare and magical moment when all is just right in their worlds. The moment when their little eyes are closed, their bodies at peace, as they sleep. And then I want to climb into bed with them and enjoy the just right moment.

I really do have a fairy tale life. It might be more a Grimm's Fairy Tale then the Disney versions but still a fairy tale.

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  1. This was very sweet. (I just wrote a two-part article on the topic of True Love and Fairy Tales so hope you don't mind the comment). On the point that you have a Grimm's fairy tale not a Disney one, be encouraged: true love in fairy tales is usually proven by hard work and the long term. 'Instant' tales like Cinderella are actually much more about business transactions than love - and who wants that? Not for all the glass slippers in the world. Give me true love any day! Unlike the fantasies of Disney (which we can still enjoy) the old tales make it clear: guys and girls are both required to do their part if they really want a 'happily ever after' together - and that's a story I'm happy to be part of.
    All the best with your adventures - may true love and all its magic be yours.