Monday, February 1, 2010

Stopping to Smell the Firetruck?

Today Little One and I were at the grocery store picking up the essentials which at our house are milk, gogurts and eggos. We did also get some of his favorite cantaloupe and some Valentines cookies for the kids' lunches. We were having a nice slow time looking at everything when we spotted a fire fighter walking through the store. We then saw another one. This has happened a few times while we were at this same store. I am thinking the fire fighters like this particular store because there is always plenty of room for their truck. Well Little One was gazing at one of the guys who stopped to say hi and we asked if his truck was outside. Once Little One heard the truck was outside he was suddenly in a big hurry to get our shopping done. "Hurry Mommy" he kept saying. He was not thrilled that we had to stand in line or wait for the lady in front of us who needed lottery tickets and was paying by check. I was not concerned since I had not seen the fire fighters check out yet but Little One is little and could not see the other check stands.

Finally we were done. I put the groceries in our car and let him stand and stare at the fire truck. When I was done, he was not. He wanted to see the truck drive away. And that is the moment when I realized how much I love being home with my kids. Because we then walked closer to the fire truck and we just sat and watched it sitting there. We looked at the lights and talked about the color. We saw the funny things they put around the tires to keep it from rolling away while it is parked. We read the side and the engine number. It was sprinkling but we had our rain coats on and were enjoying the moment. We stopped and watched the fire truck.

And then things got even better. The fire fighters came out of the store and walked to their truck. Little One was going to see the truck drive away. And then it got even better because when the fire fighters saw him watching their truck just sitting there they called us over. They tried to talk to him, though he was shy. We saw them put their grocery bags in the special side sections with the hoses. He got a sticker. And then as they drove away they waved and turned on their lights. Just for my little three year old.

I am so glad that our lives are not so rushed that we can't spend 15 minutes watching the fire truck and talking to the fire fighters. I know it made Little Ones day. This is one of a thousand reasons why I am so glad I get to stay home with the boys.

Oh and then we went to Starbucks and watched our favorite baristas make Mommy's coffee and then a few more because Little One also loves watching the baristas at work.


  1. What a blessing to be a mommy!! Sometimes (maybe often) I miss the "stopping to smell..." opportunities. I am so glad you didn't miss it today.

  2. I am trying to be careful to keep the margins :) in our days. It seems as the kids get older and more involved, there is more that I could be doing. Good stuff yes, but I don't want to cheat Little One out of his childhood just because I have done the threes already. Not to mention how much I am learning and growing from being his Mommy from being three again.