Friday, February 12, 2010

The Lost Passport

I have had a passport since 1991 and have traveled to 13 countries without ever losing my passport, well except the one time I left it in a shop in Germany but it was quickly found and returned to me. I have lived overseas twice and never lost my passport. Now though, when I have been safely inside the US for years and years, I have lost my passport. This would not be a problem, except we are trying to take the kids' skiing at Whistler over spring break and I will need a passport for the trip. We have torn the house apart. Looked in the safe place where we keep our passports multiple times. Checked the cars, the luggage, my coat pockets, the old diaper bag I took everywhere. I cannot find my passport. I can get a new one but that will require a birth certificate which I don't have because I have a passport. I have ordered the birth certificate and paid for it to be expedited but there is not much expediting that can be done when snowmaggedon, the snow storm of the century, hits the state where you were born. So this morning I had the following conversation with God.

Me: God, it would be awesome if you just put my passport on the counter for me to find.

God: Why would I do that?

Me: Because I can't find my passport and I have tried everywhere. And I need my passport so we can all go to Whistler.

God: So you want me to make your passport magically appear so you can go skiing?

Me: Yes, a miracle would be nice

God: Why would I do that?

Me: Well then I can go skiing and imagine how awesome a story that would be

God: So the story would be you prayed and your passport miraculously appeared on the counter. It would be a God thing.

Me: Yes? You would get all the glory.

God: And that is what I want people to learn about prayer? That is why I perform miracles?

Me: Hmmm... Probably not.

God: And you don't think I might already have this situation under control. Maybe I am already working out the details the way I want.

Me: Hmmm.... Probably.

God: So we good?

Me: Yep. We're good.

Please know that I have never actually heard the audible voice of God and in this dialogue I am really role playing both parts of the conversation. Losing my passport has not sent me totally off the deep end. I have been reading a book by Susan E. Isaacs who writes about her conversations with God as part of her taking God to marriage counseling. So I am thinking this conversation in my head was probably heavily influenced by her writing in Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir.

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