Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fever

I LOVE the Olympics. Summer or Winter, doesn't matter to me. I will watch pretty much any Olympic event NBC decides to put on tv. I love watching the Today Show coverage in the morning, feeling like I am right there with them. I root for team USA, whether we are speed skating or snowboarding. Notice I say we because in my world, I am a part of team USA. And have you seen the P&G commercials with the tag line Proud Sponsor of Moms. Try watching that without crying.

My boys have caught my Olympic fever, which was further fueled for them by the Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics Wii game Santa brought at Christmas. We have been perfecting our bobsledding, working on our ski jumps, and figuring out curling ever since. I was surprised how much they love all the different events. Middle Man was "speed skating" down our hallway the night we watched the long track races. He had at one point said he wanted to be an Olympic ski jumper or snowboarder but now that he has started his ice skating lessons so he can play hockey, Middle Man is all about Team USA hockey. I spent this morning trying to decide what jersey we will be getting him for his birthday. I then went on a lunch date with LIttle One and we ended up cuddled in our booth watching the US curling team while waiting for our lunch. Team USA lost but it was fun to be watching with Little One. Thanks to the Wii game I knew a few of the rules and we would cheer when the US stone got closest to the center.

The nice thing about the Olympics as a parent are the conversations you can have about hard work, getting back up after a disappointment, and being a good sport that come naturally while watching the different events. I get to lecture my kids about all sort of important life lessons that would normally go over their heads or end up with them walking away. Yesterday we were talking about how hard they will have to work, how much they will have to practice, if they want to be in the Olympics. Hockey Boy responded, "I need to work on my offense then." So we talked about ways he can practice his puck handling and shooting. I love that it is coming from him and his desire to be the best than from me pushing him up a hill he may or may not want to climb.

I know that the excitement of the Olympics brings out a lot of new future Olympians each time. Right now my boys are dreaming of being in the Olympics as hockey players, or snowboarders, or skiers. I love that they are dreaming of greatness.

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