Sunday, July 18, 2010

Did You Know... (Summer Vacation Edition)

We spent this last week at my inlaws house on a lake in Michigan. It was nice and warm and we all had so much fun on the lake. I did learn a few interesting things this past week that I thought I should share.

* Did you know that you are not allowed to wear your purse, sunglasses, belt or shoes through the metal detector at airport security? I found this bit of information out after reading all the posted signs and also while watching all the people in front of me at Midway Airport trying to do just that. Oh and you cannot take water bottles or large bottles of lotion through security in case you missed that tidbit all over the news and posted signage.

* Did you know that you can actually get a sunburn while spending the entire day either indoors or completely under the dark shade of trees lining the lake? I am beginning to think there are some serious flaws in Stephenie Meyer's books because based on my experience of turning into a lobster without ever stepping into the sun, there is no way that Edward and the Cullen clan could not sparkle.

* Did you know that feeling sick on a boat may not mean you get seasick? The last few times I have been to the lake I have felt nauseous when I went on the different boats. I was also pregnant the last three times I was at the lake. This time I went on the speedboat and had an absolutely amazing time. It was so fun to feel the wind and watch the boys tubing behind the boat. This time I was not pregnant. So I guess the point is if you get sick on a pontoon boat, you might be pregnant.

* Did you know that no matter how hard you try, you really cannot please some people? Though it is better to try really hard because when you decide to just be yourself it might trigger some passive aggressive subtle hostility that makes you question whether you really are a bad wife, mother and person. I am thinking there is more posts on this theme to come as my brain processes the disappointment that I am.

* Did you also know that when you talk directly to people you can actually get the real story which may or may not include a sharing of secrets that you all have in common. I had a great time getting to know the rest of my inlaws better on this trip. My niece and nephew have grown up into delightful adults and are really fun to be around. I especially like my nephew's wife who gets me at family events.

* Did you know that there are these magic flying bugs that light up at night? The boys fell in love with the lightening bugs that flew along the lake and around the house. They got small jars from Grandma and caught fireflies after dark. It was so sweet to watch them in their pajamas chasing fireflies with their Daddy who did it as a kid. Thankfully they were on West Coast time most of our trip so they were able to stay up late and actually slept in until 7:30 or 8 most mornings. Unfortunately this morning they were on Eastern Time and were up at 5:30am.

* Did you know that three kids can actually do really well on a 4 hour airplane ride? There were a few kids on our return flight not doing so well, but my kids all did great with their books, coloring, and video games. They were also amazing at a family dinner we had the last night at a restaurant. I guess all that practice worked.

We really had a great time in Michigan. The boys played in the lake while I read my book on the shore. They went fishing with their grandfather in the fishing boat. We took a ride in an Amish horse drawn buggy and went miniature golfing in the most oppressive, muggy heat imaginable. It was exactly what I imagined a vacation at the lake to be.

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