Monday, July 26, 2010

You Know You are Old...

So this last week I turned 37. I am okay with that age, though I really don't want to be 38 or 39. I would be happy just to skip to 40 because at least then I will be 40 and fabulous but 38 and 39 just sound old for some reason. Like I should feel bad about myself that I am almost 40 which is funny since we are being told how wonderful it is to be 40 as a woman. I am actually kind of looking forward to it. Anywhoo.... I am now 37 and finding that I am getting old.

Here's how you know you are old...

- Your knees start clicking out of place when you walk. This started happening within the last 6 months. I like to blame the running I started doing. I, hopefully, asked my friend who is a physical therapist if that meant I should stop running? Nope, turns out I am just old and need to strengthen my muscles around my knee since I have spent 37 years wearing down the cartilage. I am training to do a 5 K at Thanksgiving and have started a very slow, couch to 5 K program. The program is not actually slow, it can be done in 8 weeks. I am just doing it really slowly.

- I guess you also know you are old when you have to actually train to do a 5K. Seriously. I could barely run 3 minutes in a row when I started and am still terrified of doing the 20 minute run I am avoiding (I mean I was on vacation so I should probably go back and do some of the earlier trainings again to get ready right?) I have not gotten anywhere near running 2 miles and I think a 5K is like 3.5 miles or something. I have friends who run half and whole marathons. Not me. My bucket list will be complete after this 5K.

- Caffeine starts to bother your stomach. As does garlic. Oh and cinnamon. I am not happy about this development since I was using caffeine to get through my days, and pasta to make life worth living, and cinnamon rolls for when life wasn't.

- When you suddenly panic while being "close" with your husband at his folks house because what if he dies while you are both you know, not dressed and in bed together. How would I explain that to his mother? The thought had never, ever, never occurred to me until our last visit. In that moment of completely unwarranted panic, I realized that yes, indeed, we are old. Though, since I envisioned him dying and not me, I guess I think he is way older than me.

- You are waiting for your kids to get just a little bit older so they can figure out all the electronic equipment and fix the internet when it is not working for you. I have visions of my VCR blinking 12:00 though they may never even notice that since they don't ever use the VCR. It is all about Apple TV, OnDemand and the DVR for my boys.

- The best birthday present you receive is a day home alone in your own house. Diamonds might be nice but 12 hours in your own house without kids, husbands, chores, or interruptions, perfect! Yes, my husband is a saint. He planned a great birthday for me yesterday with the boys, but even better, today he took them all to a baseball game which was three hours away from our house. A whole day alone, in my house, with my tivo, book and computer.

The best way to know you are old.... You write blog posts contemplating all the things that make you feel old. When you are young you never blame things on age. You feel young so you must be young.

Now I feel old, but hopefully in a wise, peaceful way.

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  1. Jen - 38 isn't so bad!! I love reading your blog, keep up the good work. You are awesome!! I enjoyed seeing you and visiting with you last week at the bible school.